Nao Tokui, PhD

Founder & CEO, Qosmo Inc. / Media Artist / DJ

Born in 1976 in Ishikawa Prefecture, Nao Tokui serves as the CEO of Qosmo Inc. He is also a media artist and a DJ. Tokui received his PhD from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems (EEIS), Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. After pursuing his research and creative interest as a visiting research fellow at Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Paris, Tokui founded Qosmo in 2009. He is exploring the potential expansion of creativity through the symbiosis between AI and humans.

His recent works include the production of a music video of a song by Brian Eno, using AI. In addition, Tokui has continued to present live performances titled AI DI Project in Japan and overseas. These performances feature an Artificial Intelligence (AI) DJ playing alongside a human DJ (Tokui, himself), taking turns selecting and playing one song at a time.

Major exhibitions include “N Building” (“Talk to Me” Exhibition / The Museum of Modern Art in New York) in 2011 and “The Latent Future” (Open Space 2017 / NTT ICC) in 2017.




徳井 直生

(株)Qosmo代表取締役 / メディアアーティスト / DJ

東京大学 工学系研究科 電子工学専攻 博士課程修了。工学博士。ソニーコンピュータサイエンス研究所パリ客員研究員などを経て、2009年にQosmoを設立。AIと人の共生による創造性の拡張の可能性を模索している。

近作にAIを用いたブライアン・イーノのミュージックビデオの制作など。また、AI DJプロジェクトと題し、AIのDJと自分が一曲ずつかけあうスタイルでのDJパフォーマンスを国内外で続けている。

主な展示に、2011年「N Building」(「Talk to Me」展/ニューヨーク現代美術館)、2017年「The Latent Future」(Open Space 2017/NTT ICC)など。