2000 - 2021 RESEARCH


徳井直生, 創るためのAI 機械と創造性のはてしない物語, BNN (2021)


徳井直生, AI は創造性を持ちうるか—生成的敵対ネットワークを拡張したリズム生成モデルを 実例に, KEIO SFC JOURNAL Vol.20 No.2 音楽と科学 特集号, 2021

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Tokui, Nao, and Hitoshi Iba. “Music composition with interactive evolutionary computation.” Proceedings of the third international conference on generative art. Vol. 17. No. 2. 2000.


Nao Tokui “Dawn Patrol EP” (12″ Vinyl 2022)
Urbanforest (Nujabes + Nao Tokui) “Rotary Park” (in Nujabes Featuring Cise Starr* – Lady Brown) (12″ Vinyl 2006)
Riow Arai / Nao Tokui “Arai/Tokui” (12″ Vinyl 2005)
Nao Tokui “The First Train” (12″ Vinyl 2004)
Nao Tokui “Rotation” (12″ Vinyl 2004)
Nao Tokui “Mind the Gap” (CD Album 2002)
And others….