muse’ic visualizer

“salyu x salyu” is a new project by Salyu co-produced with Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) and its new album, “s(o)un(d)beams,” was released on April 13, 2011. This is an interactive music video application for “muse’ic,” one of the songs in this album.

When you start the “muse’ic visualizer,” the view you see on the screen keeps changing in sync with the music. The visual image changes depending
on what you capture with your camera, so you can enjoy it repeatedly in different situations. Plug your headphones in and enjoy!

Salyuの新プロジェクト「salyu x salyu」。Cornelius=小山田圭吾との共同プロデュース作品「s(o)un(d)beams」を2011.04.13にリリース。その中の1曲である「mus e’ic」のためのインタラクティブなミュージックビデオアプリケーションです。
「muse’ic visualiser」を立ち上げると、あなたが目にしている風景が「muse’ic」とシンクロするように変化していきます。

muse’ic (Song)
Music : Keigo Oyamada
Lyrics : Salyu & Tatsuya Kokufu
Recorded by Hiroyuki Moriyasu, Taiki Kawata (OORONG-SHA)
Recording & Programing : Toyoaki Mishima
Mixing & Mastering : Tohru Takayama

muse’ic visualiser (iPhone app)
Creative Direction : Merce Death
Art Direction : Shingo Ohno, Genki Ito
Programming : Nao Tokui (Qosmo)
Technical Direction : Seiichi Saito (Rhizomatiks)
Motion Graphic Design : Genki Ito
Sound Analyze : Hidenori Chiba (Rhizomatiks)
Movie Shooting : Shizuo Takahashi

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