Brain Disco

2012 BLOG

A DJ battle, where DJs are judged by the excitement of the audience measured with brainwave sensors.


  • Each DJ has 10 minutes to warm up the dance floor.
  • Each DJ starts with 60 “Groove Points” (If you are familiar with RPGs, think of a Groove Point, or GP as a “Hit Point” or “Life Point”). 1GP is equivalent to 1 second, which means if you have 60 GP, you can play at least 1 minute no matter how you play.
  • If the average “attention” value measured with brain wave sensors is less than a given threshold (50, for example), GP is deducted by 1. Otherwise, the DJ earns 1GP.
  • If a DJ loses all GPs, then their set is canceled.
  • The Threshold and other parameters are subject to change.






Brain Disco was co-organied with neurowear.
neurowear | Brain Disco by neurowear x Qosmo

video: grkt Inc. Thank you!