log – 2020

2021 BLOG

2020.12.1 New publication (arXiv pre-print) is out: Can GAN originate new electronic dance music genres? — Generating novel rhythm patterns using GAN with Genre Ambiguity Loss (See the CC Lab website for more detail on the research)

2020.11 “UNLABELED – Camouflouge against the machines” won Gold at ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards 2020.

2020.7.28 Talk at Digital Hollywood Singularity Night https://s-night02.peatix.com/

2020.7.21 Talk at University of Creativity  https://uoc.world/now/

2020.2.12 Computational Creativity Lab at SFC will exhibit our project, “UNLABELED – Camoflouge against the machines”, at Media Ambition Tokyo 2020. A collaboration project with Dentsu Lab Tokyo.

2020.1. 1.5 My new track “A Mission” – the third release from my own label “Surf on Entropy” – is now available on Bandcamp.

2019.12.30 Publish the website of SFC Computational Creativity Lab

2019.12.29 Added a page on M4L.RhythmVAE – Max for Live plugin for training and using AI Rhythm Generation models

2019.11.22-23 Keio University SFC Open Research Forum 2019 – The first Exhibition of Computational Creativity Lab at ORF

2019.10.24-26 at Biennale des arts numériques Némo in Paris.

2019.10.10-11 Giving a Talk at Creative Aliens hosted by Dentsu Craft Tokyo and Dentsu Lab Tokyo and curated by me.