Course on Audio Pattern Recognition / 東大


音声信号処理、パターン認識、機械学習等に興味のある人に朗報。この10月からComputational hearing systemsと題する講座が開かれます。講師は、僕のフランス時代からの友人のDr. Jean-Julien Aucouturier氏。音楽検索などの専門家であり、アーコーディオニストでもあるナイスガイです。


The auditory system of living creatures provides essential information about the world around. Close your eyes, and focus on what you hear: you are able to identify several sound sources around you (e.g. the noise of your computer fan, someone in the same room), know where they are and how they move. Perhaps more importantly, this auditory information provokes a lot of cognitive chain reactions: sounds are associated with memories (“I know this person’s voice”), feelings (“what a horrible noise”). The ability to hear is central to animal and human intelligence.