Max/MSP objects (2002〜)


CocoaMax Download

– Communicate with other Cocoa/Carbon applications using distributed notification. A Max/MSP object for Cocoa / Cabon Developers.

”You don’t have to use OSC just to send some int or float values from your Max patches to local Cocoa apps!”

– v0.55b. preliminary release. now Universal Binary.
- 2006.4.25 update: a known problem with SubEthaEdit is fixed.

This sample shows how to establish simple communication channels between Max/MSP and other Cocoa/Carbon applications. The file above includes:

• cocoa_send: Max external object for SENDING messages TO other apps.
• cocoa_receive: Max external object for RECEIVING messages FROM other apps.
• Sample Cocoa application.
• Xcode project files

These Max objects and Cocoa app utilize the distributed notification mechanism of Mac OS X. For further information, please refer to Apple’s documentation.