AI DJ Project#2 Ubiquitous Rhythm — A Spontaneous Jam Session with AI



Performance Digest

AI DJ Project#2 Ubiquitous Rhythm is an improvisational DJ performance that uses AI to generate music in real-time. Without preparing music sequences in advance, the DJ controls the music composed (generated) by the AI on the spot, another AI reacts to the sound, and the performance unfolds. The complex interaction between the multiple AI models and the DJ creates a unique and organic musical experience.

AI continuously generates two-bar rhythm patterns and corresponding basslines within this performance. Another AI model also keeps selecting loops that fit the rhythm and bassline.  The DJ listens to the AI-generated parts and adjusts the sound of the drum machine and synthesizer on the spot. The DJ also controls the volume and audio effects of each track to build up the musical development. 

The DJ can also use turntables to mix records with AI-generated music. Then, AI selects a rhythm loop that would perfectly fit the mixed sound and uses it as input to the rhythm generation model to produce a new rhythm pattern. This way, the DJ intervenes as a disturbance in the interaction of multiple AI models to create a fluctuating feedback loop for music generation.

The performance realizes a new form of DJing, unachievable for any human DJs (i.e., composing music in real-time). It is also an exceptionally improvisational and unpredictable performance. While using machines, the performance is one-time, and the same performance would never be created twice. Furthermore, the DJ cannot predict what kind of musical sequences the AI will play. The AI always comes up with unexpected new phrases as if it were testing the creativity and musicality of the DJ himself.

As a result, the DJ was expected to act like an “AI Jockey” who could “tame” and “ride” machines and AI instead of discs (records). The symbiotic relationship between AI and the human DJ in the performance shows us a glimpse of the future of creativity, where all creators will/should be AI Jockeys in general.

Behind the Scenes

AI DJ Project#2 Behind the Scenes

For technical details, please refer to the project page of Qosmo.