John Connor Project — AI-powered Improvisation with BIGYUKI


John Connor Project is a collaboration project with the New York-based keyboardist/pianist/producer BIGYUKI, which explores new forms of music performance using AI. Using AI, we attempt to bring a new ‘instrument’ to the performance of BIGYUKI, who creates a unique world using his piano, bass synthesizer, drum machine, and looper.

We have developed an AI audio plugin called “Neutone” that allows us to create complex harmonies composed of multiple instruments, all based on BIGYUKI’s piano solo. Simultaneously, our rhythm generation plugin, “Neutone MIDI” (currently in private beta), consistently generates rhythm patterns that align with the groove of keyboard playing. We’ve also developed a unique “AI Looper,” which samples BIGYUKI’s performance and produces infinite variations using the latest audio generation model conditioned on any given text input. Furthermore, AI-generated visuals are blended with live-action footage to enhance this unique improvisational jam session between AI and humans.

While exploring different forms of future “AI instruments,” we aim to expand the creativity of world-class musicians and generate novel musical expressions.

System Overview