Furniture Music(s) 2021—A multi-channel AI generative music installation


Furniture Music(s) 2021

“Furniture Musics” are fundamentally generative.
“Furniture Musics” are amorphous.
“Furniture Musics” are ephemeral.
Would you mind savoring “Furniture Musics”?
“Furniture Musics”
“Furniture Musics” present diverse melodies to different people on different occasions.
“Furniture Musics” are what make you feel the flow of time and spaciousness.
“Furniture Musics” gently embrace you, like your favorite furniture.

With the introduction of Gymnopédie as a prompt, an AI model trained on music composed by the French composer Erik Satie keeps generating and playing countless variations in parallel through multiple speakers located around the venue.

AI music generation models capable of generating an infinite number of variations and versions of a song imply a new form of music, different from the current notion of “music” fully composed and fixated on musical scores and media.

Inspired by the notion of “Furniture Music” proposed by Satie, this small sound installation presents countless versions-of-a-composition-as-they-could-be in parallel and implies a new form of music-as-it-can-be.

System Overview