Computational Creativity and Beyond

What’s New

2018.3.20 DJ at NxPC.Live Vol.31/Circus Tokyo

2018.3.6 Invited Talk at Nippon TV Creative Technology Lab 

2018.2.24 Invited Talk at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences / Graduation and Project Research Exhibition

2018.2.9 Imaginary Soundwalk at Media Ambition Tokyo 2018 (2018/2/9 – 2/25)

2018.2.2 Imaginary Soundwalk, a new sound installation, will be exhibited at Media Ambition Tokyo 2018 at Roppongi Hills (2018/2/9 – 2/25)

2018.1.8  Imaginary Soundscape is featured on: Engadget, Fast Company

2017.12.18 AI DJ Project is featured on NIPS 2017 Art Gallery