Computational Creativity and Beyond

What’s New

2018.11.3 Giving a Talk at MUTEK Japan!

2018.10.30 Google AI Experiment features our Imaginary Soundscape website!

2018.10 Start teaching a course at The University of Tokyo on Computational Creativity.

2018.9.20 Giving a Talk at Google Next Tokyo.

2018.8.18 Workshop at Kyusyu University on AI and Music/Sound

2018.8.17 Imaginary Landscape will be exhibited at “Gradient Descent” exhibition at Nature Monte, New Dehli, India.

2018.8.10 NVIDIA Blog featured my Auto Beatbox experiment

2018.7.21 Participating in YCAM+exonemo “Reincarnation of Media Art” Exhibition

2018.6.11 AI DJ Project won “Honorary Mentions” award at Prix Ars Electronica 2018